II steel grade

The second grade material offered by our company, are verified immediately after delivery.
First, we evaluate the quality. The material classification is carried out according to the highest quality standards
in accordance with the actual state.
All defects (which are remark) are described in detail and photographed so the Customer has the opportunity
to familiarize with the product before ordering it.



Our offer includes coated and galvanized steel coils in the second grade,
without metallurgical approval and manufacturer’s guarantee from European and Asian steel mills.

The steel has three quality ranges:
1A- without visual defects
2A- small edge defects,without passivation, white rust
thickness: 0,3mm-2,0mm
width: 800mm-1500mm
weight: 3-12t per coil

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Steel sheet

Steel sheet

Our offer includes coated, hot-galvanized and cold rolled sheets in the second grade, without metallurgical approval
in commercial and non-commercial formats

Thickness range:
Zinc / coated 0,30 mm – 4 mm (DX51D-DX54D and S250GD-S500GD)
cold-rolled 0,50 mm – 3 mm (DC01)
hot-rolled 1,50 – 160 mm (S250GD-S500GD)
hot-rolled(pickled) 1,50 – 6 mm (DD11 and above)
width: 800mm – 1500 mm
Weights for parcels up to 3 tons

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Our offer includes coated, galvanized and cold-rolled steel (second grade) without metallurgical approval,
which can be cuten to any of width.
To get more informaton about those- please contact us.

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We offer closed sesion profiles (shape of a square and a rectangle) cold bent, black and galvanized.
Our goods are found in the first and second grade, which makes them affordable.
The offered material is made of good quality steel and is suitable for welding and galvanizing.