Our team

Our team

It’s not a disclosure that the most important part of every company are people. So we think it too.
Our team is created whit young, same-minded people who are involved in their tasks. We are ready
to answer every bothering question, advise and suggest a solution.
We have accumulated a lot of experience
that we bring into everyday work.
Our team consists of many binders combined into one body, complementing in all tasks entrusted to it,
able to cope with all existing situations, excellent traders, involved back-office and a thriving warehouse.

Sales unit

Daniel Wągiel

Sales Specialist

Monika Daczko

Sales Specialist/ WoodenType Steel

Marta Łysecka

Sales Specialist/ Eastern Market

Adrian Czort

Sales Specialist/ non certified sheet steel

Wacław Kruk

Sales Specialist/ non certified sheet steel


Paweł Pawelec

Administrative Director


Justyna Prochal

Krzysztof Stachak


Karolina Brandys


Mariusz Cyganek

Keep in touch

Visit our headquarters or just send us an e-mail whenever you want. We are open to any suggestions from our clients.

Sales office

ul. Józefa i Floriana Sawiczewskich 4A
30-698 Kraków

+48 500 150 434

Main office

ul. Gen. M. Boruty-Spiechowicza 68
43-300 Bielsko Biała


ul. Mrozowa 6
31-752 Kraków

+48 572 061 750