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In 2009 we became steel distributors and it was the beginning of our company- HMSTEEL. Our ranks
has been (and still are) strengthened by experienced sellers who started their activities already in 1999y. Ever since then, we have been recruiting only well-experienced sellers, many of whom started their careers back in 90s.
At the beginning, we sold galvanized steel sheet, coated sheet (also wood-like products) and reinforced steel, then we expanded our product range to meet the requirements of our Clients.

We started selling cold and hot-rolled steel and currently, our specialty is also the second grade steel.
Nowadays, we are a significant link between the Polish and European market. We specialize in selling European and Asian steels. Our motto is to adapt to the Customer, that's why we are able to provide you with a set of many types
and colors of steel (aluzinc, zinc, coated). The advantage in itself is the fact that we have a well-equipped warehouse, which allows us to deliver steel "right away".
Because we are very focused on the needs of our Clients, we also offer the possibility of contract sales, which can ensure calmness of the terms of price stability and steel availability guarantee.

We encourage all of You to contact us!

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Visit our headquarters or just send us an e-mail whenever you want. We are open to any suggestions from our clients.

Sales office

ul. Józefa i Floriana Sawiczewskich 4A
30-698 Kraków
+48 500 150 434

Main office

ul. Gen. M. Boruty-Spiechowicza 68
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(PTS – KRAKÓW) ul. Mrozowa 6
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